About Us

Snack Fresh was formed as a result of a deep desire to set an example to organisations and businesses around the world, that food and drink for human consumption can be provided with a reducing impact on our planet. 

Our ultimate aim is to supply foods from sustainable food sources ensuring constant supply to the consumer, which has minimal damage to animals and the environment.

We intend to continuously strive to research and develop 'ever-improving' Eco-Friendly packaging to reduce plastic waste. Plastic waste is having a detrimental and catastrophic effect on our Oceans and their wildlife. 

We believe that our efforts will encourage others in our industry to follow suit and join the 'Going Green' movement. We are hoping this will also have a domino effect on others industries far & wide. 

The Snack Fresh Team & the business strongly believe in protecting animals and animal welfare. Therefore, we are avidly promoting Vegan & Vegetarianism, this is reflected by the fact that all the products we currently deal with are all Non-Animal products. Snack Fresh is also a proud member of The Vegetarian Society

Having a Non-Animal based diet can also have a positive effect on our well-being both mentally & physically. 

We are continuously exploring new ideas & innovations to present to our customers for delicious meals & snacks. Our Superfood variety is constantly evolving and expanding to assist peoples health & well-being.

Our devotion to actively encouraging Re-Usable, Recyclable and compostable packaging is always at the forefront of our efforts. 

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Be a part of our Journey....

The Snack Fresh Team