How to Make Pani Puri to Perfection!

Pani Puri is an amazing 'feel good' street food. Back in India, people would go to the pani puri wala on the street corner at any given opportunity. It usually brings groups of friends & families together and the mere mention of the words "Lets go eat some pani puri", would create an aura of excitement that could put a smile on the faces of the grumpiest people. 

It can be daunting when attempting to replicate that pani puri wala's perfected & balanced combination of flavours and ingredients, in case it doesn't turn out quite right.

Here's how to recreate those delicious delights in your own kitchen using our very own Snack Fresh recommendation:


Prepare your filling

The most important element that will determine how good your puri turns out is the water you use. Two variations of water work best with Pani Puri; Tamarind Water or Mint Water. Luckily, with years and years of experience, we have prepared these for you in our very own Asian Food Factory Brand:

AFF Tangy Tamarind Water & AFF Spicy Mint Water. 

The Next Stage is Preparing the Boondi. Again we have our own range of Boondi, Raita Boondi & Masala Boondi See Link:

Prepare the Aloo/Chana Masala

Ingredients for Aloo (potato) masala :

Mix up all the above ingredients in a bowl and set aside in a bowl with the Snack Fresh Boondi & AFF Spicy Water of your choice

100/200g Snack Fresh Nylon Sev (for sprinkling over) See Link:

To Prepare and Finish: 

1. Poke a hole in the puri (make sure not to break)

2. carefully spoon in the Aloo / Chana Masala Mix

3. Add some Boondi Grains

4. Fill up the puri with Either/Or Both the AFF Tangy Tamarind Water and/or the AFF Spicy Minty Water. 

5. Sprinkle some Snack Fresh Nylon Sev & some finely chopped fresh coriander leaves

6. Now, Eat the entire (Stuffed) puri in one go and let the contradiction of all the strong flavours explode in your mouth and tantalise your taste buds. 

Bon Appetit!!

The Snack Fresh Team

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